'A tale of endless love between parent and child'

A Children's Book for Ages 2-5

Snuggle up with your special little one for an amusing expression of boundless love with engaging illustrations.
Sure to spark your own version of witty banter, as portrayed by the adorable child & parent lemur. Great gift for your young loved ones from a parent or grandparent.

About the Author...

Karen Cohen, author of children's books, lives in Park City, UT. She graduated from Colorado State university with a BS in biological sciences and minors in chemistry & anatomy. (Which has nothing to do with this book!)The following, however, does. Having two children, her favorite daughter and her favorite son, instigated the format for "I love you more than . . .". Starting from a young age, they always tried to outwit each other.Of course, being the parent had an advantage but, they quickly learned to be aware and witty. As they grew up, they encouraged Karen to put their fun-loving banter in writing. Now, being a grandparent, she figured it was about time! Karen hopes you enjoy reading this book to your special little one(s).

About the Illustrator

Florin R. Gheorghiu is an illustrator that lives and works in Suceava, Romania. He graduated from the George Enescu National University of Arts in lasi with a B.Des, in 2002.
It wasn't until his wife wrote the first bedtime story for their son, that he started working at telling the story through pictures. Since then, they have published several children’s books. And, "I love you more than ..." with Karen.
He works from his home studio and strives at creating illustrations that make people happy.

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